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Who May Benefit From Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy?

If you’ve tried a lot of other treatments that just “didn’t help”, you should definitely try ANF.

We’re not legally allowed to give testimonials, but believe us, this page would be full of them.

In our experience, ANF may help people with:

Neuropathic (Nerve) Pain

Unexplained Pain

Back Pain / Sciatica

Stomach / Intestinal Problems                                                             

Inflammatory disorders

Migraines / Headaches

Muscle & Joint Problems

Injury Treatment



What Does ANF Do?

ANF is one of those treatments that seem a bit too good to be true.

If you don’t understand how the body works, it would be very easy to dismiss it as “placebo”.

But – tell that to the people with major neuropathic pain, and ask them what medication they’re on (and what it does to them), and THEN ask them what happened after they tried ANF.

ANF’s core idea revolves around helping the body decrease inflammation.

But – you’re not taking any anti-inflammatories.

In order to do this, ANF looks at all the ways that the body can create inflammation, and offers the only way I’ve ever seen to be able to DECREASE inflammation (and therefore pain).

Most inflammation, is hidden. It’s silent. It’s sitting in the background, and can be burning away “under the radar” for years.

Of course some inflammation is acute – like what you experience with a sprained ankle. Typically, you think you’d decrease inflammation by taking something like a medication.

This can mask the inflammation signs, but can’t do what I’ve seen ANF do (when applied correctly). You’d be taking a LOT of medication to get the same effect.

How Does ANF Work?

ANF works by using specifically designed discs that carry a unique “frequency”.

All body tissues, organs, viruses, bacteria have a specific frequency for optimal performance.

These frequencies have been known for over 100 years.

ANF practitioners are trained to identify the tissues or potential reasons for your inflammation and apply an appropriate combination of ANF “Discs” each with their own specific frequencies.

These discs have different functions, and are not a “one disc fix all” solution by any means.

Depending on what you have, you might require many discs to help diminish your symptoms – especially if you have a systemic, or chronic inflammation.

What Can You Expect From Treatment?

If you are receptive to the therapy (about 95% are), then you’ll notice effects within 5-20 mins. Certainly pain reduction.

Depending on what you have, you might feel a bit nauseous, or even get a bit of a “cold” over a few days – as a form of detox is occurring. Other symptoms may include:

Dry Mouth
Dizziness/Light headed
Runny nose
Skin problems

It’s hard to describe, but this is common amongst people that are undergoing what’s called a “lymphatic” protocol. The greater the need for a detoxification, the longer and stronger the symptoms may be.

For more sudden or acute injuries you should notice a remarkable reduction in pain and tenderness very quickly.

No needles, no hard massage. Much easier!!

Depending on the complexity of your problem, you’ll be required to re-apply discs by either the practitioner at regular intervals, or given a protocol to follow by the practitioner where you can apply them yourself.

Treatment Goals & Phases

This depends on your presenting complaint. Some chronic issues require a prolonged “attack” on systemic inflammation.

Phase 1: (Systemic Phase)

We apply specific discs to address the cause of inflammation.

If you’ve got a few discs for systemic inflammation this can cause a metallic taste in your mouth, a sore throat or cold like symptoms. We take this as a positive sign.

You’re always requested to drink a reasonable amount of water daily (3L or so), to assist in lymphatic detoxification.

Phase 2: (Focus Phase)

In this phase the most common and serious inflammation shows signs of reducing and the number of discs to be applied is substantially reduced. The focus shifts to more in-depth treatment of specific areas.

Sometimes pan can “shift” from one area to another – as this was previously “masked” by the greater intensity “systemic” inflammation.

Your body/mind is only able to focus on the most painful site at any one time.

Phase 3: (Regeneration Phase)

Once inflammation is removed, regeneration of muscle or other tissue can commence. You will still be required to rehab/do specific exercises as directed by your therapist.

Phase 4: (Maintenance Phase)

Once treatment ends – you can choose to support your immune system with our protocols, and by improving diet, lifestyle and exercise factors.

How To Get The Most Out Of The Treatment

Limit physical activity/training during phase 1 and let the body rest, whenever you can.
Limit alcohol intake as this may reduce the disc effectiveness
Eat healthy and have a varied, nourishing diet
Get a good nights sleep, to help recovery
Avoid sugar (including fruit sugar) as sugar is inflammatory
Resume intense training after phase 3

How Long Should I Be Treated

The duration of treatment is individual.

It can take between 1 & 4 months, depending on the complexity of the problem.If there is a lot to be addressed/normalised – it can take 6 months for the body to normalise.

Initially you’d be required for weekly consultations, extending to bi weekly and monthly.

General Information  About The Discs

Each type of disc cannot touch another type of disc, as the frequency is affected – hence we will provide discs in individualised anti-static bags.

There are 170 different types of disc, each with a specific frequency and function.

By combining discs in certain ways we may be able to help your body repair itself, faster.

The discs only amplify the body’s own natural frequencies. They do not contain any substance.

They are a registered medical device – CE registered & FDA approved. Used by elite athletes, Olympic and world champion sports teams worldwide. They’re W.A.D.A. approved for use in all sports.

The discs are best applied to clean, dry skin (avoid applying body cream).

They’re made of a special, patented carbonised metal, backed by 3M antibacterial tape, and are activated by your body heat.

When removing discs – please take care as it may cause skin irritation.

The discs release a frequency for approximately 72 hours.

If you have discs with you to take home, they must not be rubbed against each other – and they must be stored/kept in anti-static bags.

Bring empty/used anti-static bags to your consultations, so to recycle to bags.

Do not stop taking medications prescribed to you.

Discs Information

Pain Discs

To remove pain and inflammation
Pain and Inflammation Discs (Pxxx) release frequencies that strengthen/repair neuro frequencies damaged by inflammation, thus restoring communication between the central and peripheral nervous system (CNS). The restored communication enables natural biochemical processes which reduce inflammatory response in the body, begin the repair process and eliminate pain. P(xxx) Discs are applied locally on inflamed area. Different pain frequencies can be combined to obtain the most effective results, after assessing patient's overall conditions, type of inflammation (acute or chronic), depth of inflammation (superficial muscles, deeper muscles, nerves, skeleton cells), areas affected, etc. Important to note that protocols involving Pain & Inflammation Discs require to combine two different frequencies: the stronger frequency acts as positive pole and the lower as negative pole. Pain & Inflammation Discs introduced in course 1 release frequencies ranging between 3000 MHz and 30 GHz. When treating patients suffering from chronic or extended inflammation, it is recommended to start by applying P130 (positive pole) combined with P-1 (negative pole). As the patient's conditions improve, frequencies may be increased in order to address inflammations at deeper level. For treatment of acute sport injuries, higher frequencies can be applied immediately if patient is fit.


To increase production of Gluthatione
AGL Disc releases a frequency that strengthens body's own frequency responsible for production of Glutathione, the body's most important antioxidant. Glutathione prevents production of free radicals and boosts immune system and organs function. AGL to be applied locally on inflamed area to prevent free radicals production and oxidative stress. It is recommended to use AGL in combination with ACA to boost body's immune system. Production of Gluthatione can further be boosted by applying AGL in correspondence of liver (below second rib on right side of chest) and/or combine AGL with with Melatonin (M) Disc.



To increase body energy and muscle elasticity
Energy Discs release a range of frequencies that stimulate different types of body energy (thermal, kinetic, potential, mechanic, cellular, etc.). Energy Discs to be applied combining positive and negative patches (E+/E-), following protocols suggested for achieving optimal body's functions, increasing overall energy and speeding up recovery. Recommended for patients suffering from chronic inflammations, lack of energy and other depression symptoms. It is also recommended to use Energy Discs for post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation. When applying manual therapy or other rehabilitation techniques, Energy Discs can increase/reduce muscle elasticity thus speeding up therapist's work and relieving patient from discomfort/tension during therapy. As guiding principle, to increase elasticity and therefore range of muscle movement apply Energy Discs following muscle fibers direction and muscle movement.


To increase production of Nitrix Oxide
NX Disc releases a frequency which stimulates the production of Nitrix Oxide, a molecule acting as neurotransmitter and able to regulate blood pressure. NX to be applied locally in order to increase production of nitrix oxide, thus dilation blood vessels and therefore improving blood circulation in inflamed area. NX Disc can be also applied on hearth muscle, lungs, main arteries, kidneys and/or under the feet to improve poor blood circulation. When applied on heart function, to be combined with HA Discs; when applied on lungs, to combine with Lung Functions Discs (introduced in course 5) to optimize level of oxygen in blood and prevent coagulation. NX is recommended for patients experiencing: low level of oxygen in the blood (measured by SpO2 level - peripheral capillary oxygen saturation), high blood pressure, fatigue, slow recovery after exercise and/or are diagnosed with poor blood coagulation.


To normalize/optimize heart function
HA Disc releases a frequency which stimulates heart function and strengthens heart muscle. HA to be applied locally in correspondence of heart muscle in patient suffering from heart/vascular problems, poor blood circulation and low level of oxygen in the blood. It helps to normalize heart contractions and increase blood flow to organs. It is recommended to use HA in combination with NO and/or BF to increase oxygen level in the blood and overall blood circulation.


To increase mental focus
MF Disc releases a frequency which stimulates the body to increase levels of adrenalin and endorphin, thus relaxing the brain and increasing focus. MF to be applied on the right temple on patients who complain from experiencing a cluttered mind, multiple thoughts and mental fatigue as well as being easily distracted and jumping from one activity to the other in a disorganized way.



To increase production of Carnosine
ACA Disc releases a frequency that strengthens body's own frequency responsible for production of Carnosine, an antioxidant often referred to as "the body own anabolic steroid". ACA to be applied locally to stimulate cell regeneration and speed up healing process in areas treated for musculoskeletal inflammation, nerve inflammation/damage, skin disorders, etc. ACA to be used in combination with AGL to boost body's immune system. Production of Carnosine can further be boosted by applying ACA in correspondence of Pituitary Gland. Further placement of ACA Disc to improve organ functions will be introduced in course 4.

MCTo relax body and mind
MC Disc reproduces the frequency of Cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule of medical cannabis plant which induces relaxation (the most know therapeutic effect of medical cannabis). MC to be applied on right temple to relax mind or on C7 to relax body nervous system. It can be applied locally on areas treated to relax tense/contracted muscles and thus enhance the effectiveness of Pain and Inflammation Discs. It is recommended for all type of stress and patients with chronical diseases. MC very effective on patients suffering from ADHD, Alzheimer, Parkinson as it alleviates some of the symptoms.


To prevent stress
AS Disc releases a frequency which mitigates body's reaction to stress, preventing overproduction of substances which negatively affect nervous system when under prolonged stress. AS to be applied on C7 on patients prone to be stressed or become overwhelmed. Patients are recommended to apply AS in the morning when they expect to face a particularity hectic and potentially stressful day. AS can be used in combination with P217 (Pain & Inflammation frequency introduced in course 2) - both to be applied in correspondence of solar plexus to prevent that stress may affect the complex network of nerves and sensitive organs in abdominal areas. AS Disc is also effective when applied locally on muscles suffering from cramps, stiffness, soreness or locally in correspondence of "pulsating" nerve causing discomfort and pain.


To reduce liquid in inflamed tissues
EDM releases a frequency which reduces the abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin, clinically manifested as swelling. During examination, it can be noted that after pressure is applied to the swollen area, the indentation persists after the release of the pressure (referred to as "pitting" edema). EDM to be applied locally in case of pitting edema caused by tissue inflammation, dermatitis, poor blood circulation (varicose veins). It is also effective in case of non-pitting edema caused by malfunctioning of lymphatic system. It is recommended to use EDM Disc in combination with Pain & Inflammation Discs and/or Blood Circulation Discs in Lymphatic System protocols (introduced in course 2 & 4).